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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are now more important than ever. The most part of web-interaction is meanwhile done with phones.

Don’t miss this huge chance and let me your Munich app developer!

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MyPenInk is my first publicly released mobile application. It was released in 2019.
Breaking it down to the fundamentals, it is an tutoring mediation app.

It was launched with the intention to reward good-grade and social students for their efforts while motivating bad-grade students to get better in school.

PrivateCode App

Another side project to teach some of my contacts how to code.

This special mobile app was built to handle payments and track lesson / project progress.



As a business owner I know the struggles you’re dealing with.

You’re working in your business because you want to bring value to the world while enjoying it.

Let me help you with the “boring” stuff and schedule a call!


Web Apps

Web apps are similar to mobile applications the way they’re providing value.

Both are platform independent and run on different operating systems.

I will develop your web application with high care.

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Customer Relationship Management System

In this fast-changing world we all need a flexible system to take notes about customers, their needs and an interaction history.

You’re interested in this? See what I’ve done here…

Order Management System

How do you manage your orders? With a piece of paper and a pen?
Hopefully not; But if you still do, call me and we’ll fix it.

Still not convinced? This customer could not believe what he saw…